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The Earth2crew, made up of the multiverse’s greatest DC Fans. following on twitter @PFE2_. Listen to us on Mondays for MULTIVERSITY 101 and for the review of the DC Arrowverse and all other segments. #earth2crew #PFE2 #jsa

May 20th, 2019    

Episode 16

Multiversity 101 /Earth of the week/ Residents of Earth

Earth2crew Reviews/ Supergirl season finale/Flashcast/Krpyroncast/Arrow season finale/ Doom Patrol

DC Comic Corner

Tower of Fate: N/A

May 14th, 2019    

Eepisode 15

Multiversity 101 is here to teach you about the vast Multiverse! class is in session, you may be seated. •History of Earth •Residents ------------------ •DC Media •[Earth2crew reviews]

*Shows we review* •supergirl •flashcast •kryptoncast •Arrow •Doom Patrol

May 7th, 2019    

Episode 14

Episode 14!! 1st half/1st segment: Multiversity 101/ Earth of the week/History of Earth/ Residents of Earth/ 2nd half/ : DC Discussion/ DC Media/FashCast/Krypton-cast/DC Comic Corner/ Tower of fate

April 30th, 2019    

Episode 13

This Weeks Earth of The week is typically longer than usual. *skip ahead of you'd like: *Time Stamps:

•Multiversity 101 *00:00-02:18- -Earth of the Week -History of Earth -Residents of Earth

•2nd Half Earth2crew reviews•

*02:20-04:31- 2nd half DC media -Supergirl Season 4 Episode 19 -Flashcast season 5 Episode 19 -Kryptoncast Season 1 Episode 5 -Arrow- Seaon 7 Episode Episode 19 -Doom Patrol Season 1 Episode 11 [With Guest/ Will from @sceneNnerd Podcast* -Gotham Season 5 Episode 12

*04:31-05:29- [DC comic corner- Swamp Thing #29-31] [Tower of fate- The Watchmen]

April 22nd, 2019    

Episode 12

The Podcast from Earth-2 Episode 12 Presents Multiversity 101 and Earth2Crew Reviews! *1st half features Multiversity 101 which where you the listeners decide on 1 out of 4 Earths to pick to learn about. *2nd half is the reviews of certain DC TV shows and comics.

April 15th, 2019    

Episode 11

Episode 11!

[Jay & Ana from Earth-2 will be out this week]

*DC Media segments off season: Supergirl, Arrow, Gotham, Young Justice, Titans*

Closing in on our 1k downloads peeps! This week Jay From Earth-2 will not be Hosting Multiversity 101. However. Brian From Earth-16 will be Hosting it! [Multiversity 101]

Earth of the week- History of Earth- Residents of Earth-


Earth2Crew - Brian & Sam from Earth-16

DC Discussion- N/A

DC Media [Flashcast] [Kryptoncast]

DC comic Corner

April 8th, 2019    

Episode 10

The Podcast from Earth-2 Episode 10! I know we have more than 10. episodes but think of it as the rebirth. a reboot if you will. anyway this episode consist :

1st half Multiversity 101- Earth of the week, History of Earth [ ?], Residents of Earth [?]

2nd half Earth2Crew Reviews- Arrowverse [N/A], Flashcast, Kryptoncast, DC comic Corner, and Tower of Fate

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April 1st, 2019    

Episode 9 *fast forward 2-3 min. after into*


1st half -Multiversity 101- Earth of the week. History of Earth, Residents of Earth. 2nd half- Earth2crew- DC Discussion- DC Media, DC comic Corner

March 28th, 2019    

Batman 1000th

Happy Birthday Batman! it's the 80th Year of BATMAN but also the 1000th issue. tune in as Sam From Earth-16 Hosts DC Comic Corners' special edition: BATMAN 1000TH ISSUE!! CO-HOST [Jay From Earth-2]

March 25th, 2019    

Episode 8

●Multiversity 101 ft. Jay from Earth-2, Ana from Earth-2, and Brian From Earth-16! as we talk about this weeks EARTH OF THE WEEK!! *CHOSEN BY #TWITTERVERSE @PFE2_

●DC Media [Supergirl, Flash, Gotham, Arrow, Doom Patrol, and Krypton

●DC Comic Corner [ Green Arrow Long Bow Hunters] ●Tower of Fate [WOMANS INTERNATIONAL MONTH]

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